Rosenwach Tank Co.

40-25 Crescent St.
Long Island City, NY 11105

Phone: View Phone Number718-729-4900

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Company Description:

Rosenwach Tank has manufactured, installed and maintained water towers for New York's buildings for over a century. Rosenwach Tank was one of the first to innovate tanks into which water from the city water supply, which only rise to the sixth floor of a building, is pumped to the roof and by way of gravity then provides sufficient water pressure to supply all floors. Rosenwach has built and installed well over half of the city's water tanks.

No one can offer the quality and reliability of Rosenwach Tank Company. For over 100 years, our master craftsmen have been building, maintaining and servicing roof top water tanks, from their piping and insulation to their controls. Today, we remain the only tank firm that mills its own quality wood tanks in New York City. And it is from this exemplary track record that we have earned the distinction of "New York's water source."

Rosenwach is uniquely qualified to ensure the peak performance of your existing tank. Our maintenance program can extend your tank life up to 25%, while preventing any serious problems before they arise. Our field inspectors examine everything from tank covers and controls down to the street tank supports. Craftsmen handle tank construction, cleaning, repairs, electrical controls, insulation and structural reinforcement.


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