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New York, NY 10017

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Company Description:

Cooper-Horowitz has been in the mortgage brokerage business since 1964 and is dedicated to negotiating and providing the borrowing community with the latest market information available in today's industry. We have arranged financing for thousands of commercial properties throughout the United States. We also have an extensive advisory service for the most complex real estate transactions. Our total volume is in excess of $14 billion annually.

Our association with every lending institution will offer the borrower a myriad of different financing vehicles. Our success is that the borrowing community is convinced that we are able to conclude their financing transactions to the end and have satisfied clients for over 50 years. Our staff includes over 30 professionals, some have been with the firm for over 20 years. 

PERMANENT MORTGAGES: Long term fixed rate debt arranged through life companies, pension funds, savings banks, commercial banks and Wall Street investment houses on all types of income producing properties.

MEZZANINE AND PREFERRED EQUITY: Debt or equity to enable borrower to obtain close to 100% financing for existing properties as well as property acquisitions.

CONSTRUCTION LOANS: 1-3 year Open-End Construction Loans at fixed or Libor-based pricing on all types of properties such as rental apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and industrials.

STANDBY COMMITMENTS: Forward commitments on rental properties, condominiums, retail and industrial properties, to fund upon certificate of occupancy to enable borrowers to obtain construction financing.

CREDIT LEASE FINANCING: Long term fixed rate debt on all types of credit related tenants, self liquidating loans with balloon payments and residual value insurance (RVI) if applicable.

EQUITY VENTURE: Proven ability to seek out an equity partner / institutional partner to provide up to 100% financing though preferential rates of return, to be determined exit fees or participation in cash flow, sale and refinance proceeds.

INTERIM AND ACQUISITION FINANCE: Short term usually 2-5 years for Bridge Financing and/or Acquisitions. Libor and fixed rate loans available.

INTERNATIONAL MORTGAGE LOANS: As a full service mortgage firm, we have a myriad of lenders who will consider loans outside of the United States. Loans are concluded in the country's currency and approached similarly as to United States type properties.

LAND MORTGAGES: Land loans are financed typically at 50 – 75% of their value. Usually these loans are from 1-3 years with or without recourse.

The key to our successful real estate operations is sound financing precisely tailored to the needs of the property owner.  We welcome the opportunity to show you how this, our guiding principle, can be successfully applied to your specific needs.

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